What it is

The Alliance is a health benefits purchasing consortium focused on the unique needs of larger, union-affiliated and public sector groups.  Specially-qualified entities gain clout, buying power, economies of scale, and access to typically unavailable plans.  All while retaining the group’s individuality and autonomy.

Since its inception in 2004, the Alliance has proven so effective in delivering customized, cost-effective health plans that membership has grown to over 10,000 – and counting.

How it works

Each Alliance member group tailors its coverage according to employee needs and its organization’s financial parameters.  The prospective group receives one-on-one hand holding through each phase of the process:  plan design, paperwork and proposal requests, as well as a thorough review, vetting, and evaluation of solutions, offers, and plan packages.

Why it makes sense

In a word: Leverage.

Groups enrolled in the Alliance negotiate their rates based on the overall size of the Alliance’s full membership, dramatically increasing their negotiating leverage.  The ever increasing size of the Alliance’s membership continuously enhances the collective advantage for all of member groups.

The best part

No entry fees. No exit penalties.

Unlike other consortia or public sector plans the Alliance does not take steps to “lock-in” its member groups.  A potential group’s entry into the Alliance is confined only by traditional annual enrollment requirements, and Alliance members may exit from their plan with 90-days written notice without penalty.

Win-Win: Every group in the Alliance receives the advantages of the Alliance as a whole, while maintaining their own group’s unique autonomy in benefits and plan design.

The best of both worlds.